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Find Your Inspirational Resources

I thought I would share a couple of blogs I find great inspiration from.

With accèss to so many inspiring & creative sites, it can be easy to loose our own path and to stay motivated and not feel over-whelmed. I know I struggle with that balance often. I have my top five resources that I use to keep me inspired. I find that having a selected few that are my trusted and true sources, I am able to work towards my goals in a more constructive and efficient way. It is important to have mentors, motivational resources, and inspiring outlets, but with a limit.

The two blogs I really like are from the stock agencies, Corbis and Getty. They offer a resources on a diverse level. From exploring a world of art, research, conservation, and philanthropy, both agencies offer a world of creativity.


I hope you enjoy the visuals, the creativity and the additional elements they offer on their blogs.

Find your inspirational & motivational mentors! We all need them!

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