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Summer Memories Challenge

Summer Memories Challenge

I was torn weather or not to do this photo challenge. With all the bombarded images and social media going on I struggle with putting this challenge out there. However, if I can get past the “challenges” of social media, I see positive aspects and that there is beauty in reaching out & sharing. It can be inspiring, helpful, create connections on a several levels, open up discussions, potentially provoke thoughts, laughter, and reflection and all these can be blessings.

So, I have put out a Summer Memory Challenge. I use the word, ‘Challenge’ for several reasons. It is not a photo contest for best photograph and the metaphor resonates with me personally. This challenge is just about sharing.

I have asked for people to post their best summer photo on my business Facebook page; Tammy Hanratty Photography Inc. and to share it with friends and family by having them like the post. The person with the most shares gets an 8×10 professional print I took this June in Central Park, New York.

Just looking to share some memories and have a little fun with it.

Thanks for participating and for sharing!

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