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An Artists Career

An Artists Career

I have been blessed with a couple of great photo shoots over the corse of spring and summer. I am curious as to what fall and winter will ‘expose’ and I anticipate the direction with great eagerness.

Pursuing a creative career and being a professional artist is not an easy path, especially with a 4 year old running around!

There are many uncertainties and many moments of wondering when the next project will surface. I find the process to be one of my biggest practices of belief, trust and ‘focus’, but mainly a practice of perseverance. You have to believe in yourself and in your work. You have to trust in yourself and in your work. And as an artist I find that it is easy to loose direction, prioritize and ‘focus’ (what a great metaphor), due to needing to maintain an income, maintaing motivation and inspiration. There is a lot of compromise involved when choosing to follow an art career. I strongly believe perseverance is an artists biggest asset. Keep going even when the well runs dry. Your determination will be your success.

With so many things to navigate, the path and process of building a successful and financially strong and stable art business can feel long and deflating at times. It is an art form in of itself; integrating business skills with creativity and balancing the left side of the brain with the right. If your anything like myself, it is an ongoing process of rebalancing, refocusing and re-evaluating. There are many times of what feels like stagnation, or many times where your learning curves feel to great it overwhelms you. The key is to just stay true to your heart and to let go of what every one else is doing. The pressures of keeping up can deflate and intimidate you, I have been there and often times still find my mind going there. I find myself counselling and coaching myself often. LOL! Your heart will lead you to your success and it will be that much stronger because it was authentic and not produced through fear. Having your eye on what is in the market will serve you but worrying about how, who and when will only overwhelm you. Your process is different than others and thinking and watching everyone else will only interfere with your true unfolding creativity.

A few months ago, I was blessed with a project that brought me to New York City. It was intimidating but a great success on many levels. It taught me a lot on several levels and having the opportunity to shoot with a new client in New York only added to my experience as a photographer, a business owner and of course it added skill to my creativity. Embracing the fears and the challenges is part of exploring new territory thus enhancing creativity. Each new project brings growth on some level. It is a continuation of learning. This is one of the beautiful things about being a professional photographer, even though at times that can seem daunting. There is beauty in everything, including the mess, the chaos and even in the destruction. An artists greatest asset is that we can express the beauty and the rawness of life. Perspective is our expression. Creativity some times comes from making a mess and from exploration of emotion. Embrace the process in its entirety; the fears, the joys, the challenges, the uncertainties, the explorations, the expressions, the balancing and rebalancing, the stagnation that requires stillness and reflection, the newness & rawness, the vulnerabilities and most of all, the deeper connection it has on your soul!

Enjoy the beautiful life of being a creative soul.

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