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Listen to the Magic In 2014

Listen to the Magic In 2014

Happy New Year Friends!

I have been contemplating what I could possibly write about that inspires creativity and new beginnings for the new year. With a great project already completed and new ones in the making I am excited about the path of 2014.

I know that there will be times and days that will provide me with moments of difficulty and great fears, but if I look at those fears directly, I can see that they ARE my new opportunities. Fear can be a great compass, if I listen. It is within those fears that I can find my direction; what I need to do and where I need to go.

So I have decided to dedicate my 2014 to listening, facing my fears and to seeing the magic in all the ‘pictures’ of life.

There is so much magic and wonder that lies beneath the surface of life, a deeper magic. And there is so much delicate tenderness in our hearts and souls if we just open up to it.

May 2014 be a year of fullness. Filled with goodness and deliciousness that enchants you throughout the year. May creativity (which often requires making a beautiful mess in the process), fill your soul and may 2014 offer you challenges that push you towards expanding your heart and towards your potential. May it be a year that moves you in a direction that creates a better life for yourself internally, therefore, externally.

The true beauty of creativity speaks to an internal calling that fulfills the spirit. And when your spirit is full, your life is full! Focus on making the mess that moves you towards your hearts purest potential. Face those fears and surrender to the process.

Life is a creative process with magic on every corner.

Happy Creating!

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