Embracing my creative desires and remaining open to life’s experiences has been what fosters my vision. This process has granted me the gift of sensitivity and compassion to life and therefore, to everything I capture in the lens. Photography, to me is about relations; relations to light & color, to connections with others, to how I see simple everyday elements in new delicate ways.

I believe adaptability and passion for the things you do is a very successful tool for creating new imagery as well as to attain happiness & success in anything one chooses.

Photography is a lifestyle. Everything inspires me; people, places, all things big and small. I love to capture the true essence & tenderness of what unfolds in front of my lens. This requires me to be spontaneous to the moment and open to whatever it is that is going on around me. It is an engagement with life.

Photography is a unique tool that creates an opportunity to experience a sense of timelessness in each moment captured. It is a beautiful tool that provokes emotion & thought. It invites the viewer & photographer to engage in the presence of the moment.

Life is a vision; therefore, photography is a vision. I explore, respond, capture, feel & create the wonder of life. I embrace blurred boundaries and understand the depth that mixed photographic genres can provide to various projects. It is an extension of life. Photography to me, is not only what one records for commercial advertising, editorial, fine art or fashion, it is an infusion of all the diverse layers in ones life. It is my perspective that creates a style of images, which, is the outcome to how I see & feel the world around me.

Thank you, for exploring my process.

In love, joy & light; Tammy